Many People have question about our services and what we provide. Please see below Frequently Asked Questions. If you have additional questions please send us an email at info@royalspettaxi.com or call us at 512-285-6993.

Q: What is Royal’s Pet Taxi?

A: Royal’s Pet Taxi is a local pet transportation service. We pick up, drop off your pets at your desired location. Helping you save time and money.


Q: I will not be home at pick up / drop off time for my pet. Can Royal’s Pet Taxi enter my home to drop off my pet?

A: If you will not be home for the pick up or drop off, we can make arrangements to gain entry to your property and pick up or drop off your pet.


Q: Why would I use a pet taxi pet service?

A: There are many reasons people choose to use Royal’s Pet Taxi instead of transporting their pet themselves. Here are just few reasons:

Some people do not have car or adequate transportation to allow traveling with a pet.

Many people do not like to have pet hair in their car.

They are not able to take their pet on their own and need some assistance lifting, or moving their pet.

Can’t drive or prefer not to.

They are not able to take off work, or cannot fit the necessary pet visits, grooming in their busy schedule.

From time to time people have emergencies arise that keep them from getting their pets to their desired locations.

You may not have enough time to make travel arrangements before catching a flight,etc.

Your pet has incontinence or gets car sick, and you don’t want to deal with the mess.


Q: What other services does Royal’s Pet Taxi provide?

A: In addition to taking pet to their vet visits, we provide shuttle service for pet boarding; we offer transportation to grooming facilities , training locations, and pet hotel-kennels. We will take your pet on outings such as meetings in the park pet play dates,etc.


Q: What are the group rates?

A: Group rates may apply if we are transporting several pets to and from a central location. If you have multiple pets, or live in a community where several pets may need to go to the same vet or facility. We may offer package pricing to reduce the expense for our service.


Q: Do you have insurance protection coverage for my pet?

A: Yes! Although safety is our number one goal , we do have insurance protection for unexpected situations.


Pick up address date and time.

Drop off address date and time.

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